What you need to know about SIM registration


  1. What is subscriber registration?

    Subscriber registration is the process of recording and verifying personal details of a subscriber by a communications service provider. Such details shall include the phone number, name, date of birth, gender, address (postal and/or physical address), alternative telephone contacts, if available, and number of the Identification Document used, including the National Identity Card or any other acceptable identification document e.g. a passport.  If a subscriber changes residence or postal address, he/she shall be required to update this information with his/her service provider. 

  2. Why subscriber registration?

    Subscriber registration is aimed at safeguarding the public against acts of insecurity including the widespread threats posed by terrorism, drug trafficking, money laundering, extortion, fraud, hate messages, and incitement that are now widespread around the world. Having been a victim of these undesirable activities in the past, Kenya cannot afford to ignore or be left behind on initiatives aimed at safeguarding the public against such activities. The registration exercise is being carried out pursuant to a Government Directive issued on 20th July 2009 requiring every communications service subscriber in the country to register his or her SIM card.

  3. Could the information I provide be used for purposes other than what is intended?

    The information collected shall only be used for the purpose for which the registration exercise is being undertaken and where necessary the information may only be availed to the authorities to the extent permitted by the law.

  4. Does information collected during Subscriber Registration suffice for all services provided by a service provider?

    Not necessarily. Each Service provider will advise on additional information or requirements for subscription to their services/products where necessary.

  5. How do I register?

    All unregistered subscribers are required to contact their respective service providers for information on where and how to register. 

  6. How will the registration of a subscriber who is a ‘minor’ be facilitated?

    A minor shall need to be accompanied by an adult who has the relevant identification documents to purchase and register as the owner of the SIM card. The  minor shall only be registered as the subscriber using the SIM card. Once the minor attains the age of 18, the adult under whose name the SIM card is registered, will be at liberty to change the registration to be in the name of the young adult; whose consent and identity details shall also be required in order to effect the change.

  7. Do I need to produce any documentation for verification?

    For  Kenyan Nationals, any of the following documents (IN ORIGINAL FORM) shall be required:-
       (a) Original National Identity Card; or
       (b) Original and valid Passport.
       (c) Driving Licence
       (d) Military Identity Card
       (e) Letter from a Government Official/Civil Servant (such as Chief/DO/DC)
       (f) Student Card from an accredited educational institution  

  8. What documents are required for verification in case of foreigners?

    Foreigners seeking registration of SIM cards shall be required to present any of the following  documents (IN ORIGINAL FORM): :-
       (a) Original Work Permit;
       (b) Original Passport; or
       (c) Original Alien Card.
       (d) Original National Identity Card issued by parent country
       (e) A valid Driving Licence

  9. What documents are required for verification of subscribers who are corporate persons and statutory bodies?

    For corporate persons and Statutory bodies, certified copies of the following documents shall be used for verification:
       (a) Certificate of incorporation;
       (b) Certificate of Registration; or
       (c) Enabling legislation or Gazette notice

  10. How secure and confidential is the data collected by service providers?

    The service provider has the obligation of ensuring that the information collected from subscribers is kept secure, confidential and not tampered with. The information collected shall NOT  be disclosed to any person unless as required by any written law.

  11. How soon must I register?

    You are advised to register with your service provider at the point of purchasing the SIM card. By failing to register, you are jeopardizing Government efforts at stamping out incidences of crime perpetuated through mobile phone handsets, and by extension putting yourself at risk.  It is, therefore, in your interest to register your SIM card (s). The Government is in the process of putting the law in place that will require service providers to suspend service (disconnect your line) if you have not registered your SIM card. It is therefore important to register before this law enacted.  

  12. What happens incase of change of ownership of the line?

    All changes in ownership of the line should be reported to the relevant service provider to facilitate update of  the SIM card registration details. Verification of the new owner’s identity will also be required.

  13. What if i am already a registered M-pesa or ZAP user?

    If you are already a registered user of mobile financial services such as M-pesa or ZAP or are on post-paid tariff, you do not require to register again. If in doubt, please confirm with your mobile service provider.


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